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There is one queen in the colony . When the queen starts to age after a certain period of time, the egg yield decreases and the worker bees want to change the queen to raise a new queen bee. In this case, there is a tendency to give a son. In the hives that tend to give a son, the main breasts are found in the side or lower sections of the honeycomb. The main nozzle of good quality is located in the middle of the frames.
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If the necessary precautions are not taken, the bee colony spreads rapidly and the colony individuals remain weak; loss of yield, colonization and other diseases are also susceptible to extinction. In response to this interference, many methods of struggle are applied. One of them is the chemical control method. Varroa parasite can become immune to these drugs even if the same drug is used several times, even if chemical control is successful against varroa . In this case, a drug change is necessary.

Morphological Structure of Varroa
It is a dangerous parasite that proliferates rapidly if no precautions are taken in the colony fed by sucking blood by living on larvae, pupae and adults of honey bees. The mouthpiece has an absorbent-piercing mouth structure. Varroa mite attaches to the body parts of the bee by hooked needles. It enters the wound opened as a result of perforation of the cuticle.
This mite starts with the development of bee larvae in spring months and continues to breed until the last worker bees emerge in autumn. When the queen quits laying eggs, varroada quits laying eggs. Fertilized female parasites enter the larval eyes of 5-6 days before the eyes are closed 12 hours. The parasite needs to be fed with larval blood for approximately 4-5 days to lay eggs.

Varroa mite starts to look for another host in case the bee he is fed dies. This parasite does not favor other membrane poultry (eg wasps). Varroa mite mostly prefers colonies with queen bees and colonies prepared to give sons. Varroa should be struggled without wasting time to get rid of the colony with minimum damage.

Use of Organic Acids

In order to avoid residual problems in Ari products, natural substances have come to the fore in chemical control and formic acid, lactic acid and oxalic acid have been preferred.

Formic Acid Usage

Due to the evaporation of formic acid, a positive result is obtained if the air temperature is between 10-25 degrees. When combating formic acid, it is important that the hive vent and the flight hole are completely open. This application is recommended in early spring and late autumn periods when the number of fry in the colony is low. When the air temperature is low, evaporation will be less and it will not have much effect. When the air temperature is too high, too much evaporation occurs and damages the bees.

Application forms
Use of plastic bags
250% formic acid of 65% is applied once in the early spring and late autumn periods. The bag to be used may be ziplock vegetable bags used in deep freezers. Formic acid is slowly applied over a 3-4 week period. The bag is deaerated and stacked in an airtight plastic container. If these bags are kept in the freezer with the container for 1-2 days without putting them in the hives, the evaporation of formic acid is reduced and applied more easily to the hives. For casings with less than five frames, it is applied half of what is normally used. A transverse window opens on one side of the cardboard containing formic acid .

Application to the bottom board

In order to prevent the bees on the bottom board from dying, smoke is given by the bellows through the entrance hole for the bees to move up. 15 ml of 65% formic acid is sprayed onto the bottom board by syringe . Treatment is continued 3-6 times with an interval of 4-5 days.

Lactic acid

It is a substance with a sour taste used for the protection of foods. This application is generally preferred by beekeepers with a small number of beehives and the application requires a lot of labor.

Oxalic acid
Because it is a strong acid, it can kill bees in excessive use and therefore it is necessary to pay much attention when using. Oxalite acid is applied once a year in late autumn period when the number of fry is minimum or not, and when the air temperature is 10-30 degrees.

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Honey, which has been produced as healing in our lands for centuries, has more buyers if it is produced in the form of karakovan. When producing Karakovan honey , hives and bees are not intervened in any way during the production season. The hive material is obtained entirely from nature and natural products. Honey bees weave their own honeycombs to the karakovan and for this reason they have a different taste and different value because of their flavor.

This hive is prepared in the form of a cylinder and the front part of the hives as in normal hives for the entry and exit is placed in the cover. During the honey season, the lid is not opened and a dark environment is provided in the hive. The most common and healthy form of hive is known as basket hives. Baskets are produced by weaving from materials obtained from willow or poplar trees. The outside of the basket is mud and so on. The products are plastered with. It is also used as a caravan in some logs, not a basket . Karakovan production continues to be widely produced in Anatolia. Beekeepers especially in the plateaus are very much used in this hive. 

story begins with the use of willow and poplar trees . After the branches of the trees are cut, baskets with thin waist are knitted from the branches. In order to take the shape of a basket hive, the outer part is plastered around the basket with the mortar obtained by the mixture of cows and soil. If the basket is plastered with animal manure, it is easy to carry. The most important feature of this mortar is that it keeps the hive warm from winter cold and provides cool environment from summer heat and bees are protected from moisture. Generally, baskets are built in late summer.

In order to place the baskets on the most suitable floor, it is necessary to place a flat surface and where the bees can see the area well. In general, the beekeepers in the highland place these hives in places where thyme and mushrooms are intense and close. Bees, on the other hand, knit their honeycombs in order from top to bottom of the basket. They leave some gaps in the interior of the basket for ease of entry and exit. 

During the summer season, the bee hive is not opened during the production season, taking into consideration the possibility of the bees getting sick, thyme is collected in the nearby areas and put into the bellows and smoke is given to the bees. In winter, the bees are thought to prevent moisture in the name of cold. However, if the bee has adapted to its climatic zone, it does not pose too much trouble. HoneyIt is a source of healing and high value because it is produced in completely natural environments. It is a product that has the characteristics of a drug against rheumatism, colds, stomach and intestinal diseases.

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The honeycomb moth has two forms: big and small. The big one enters through the hive hole at night and releases its eggs. The most harmful period of the honeycomb moth is the wolf period. Wolves enter honeycomb and consume honey and pollen. They continue to weave in places where they have traveled. It is more likely to be seen especially in blackened honeycombs. In general, colonies need to be kept strong because they prefer more weak colonies. 
If we encounter safe combs in the beehives, we must cut and destroy the parts of the moth nets. If moths dominate the hive, these hives should be quickly taken away from the apiary. 

The hives must be checked for soundness except for the flight hole and care must be taken to ensure that there are no cracks or cracks outside. There is no method of chemical control against honeycomb moth . Although some sources mention the fight against sulfur, these methods should be avoided because they may leave residues in honeycombs and endanger bees and human health. 
The most effective method to protect the honeycomb moth after embossing and especially the pollen containing the honeycomb is filtered is to keep it in deep freezers. Rely on freezing temperatures will kill them no matter what period. If we keep the embossed combs in the freezer for a day, we will not be exposed to moth until spring. 

Honeycombs placed in the freezer should not be stored in the same place as those not placed. The moths in the honeycombs that do not have ice cream process become butterflies after a while and can throw eggs to other honeycombs.

Among the methods of combating wax moth, there are many methods ranging from storing honeycomb with naphthalene to the use of methyl bromide. However, the use of chemical drugs causes residual problems and is a problem for human health. In particular, naphthalene waxes into the wax and leaves residue. However, some beekeepers, walnut leaves and so on. methods with honeycombs. Some beekeepers put walnut leaves between the laths and says they struggle. However, the final result is a method of keeping in the freezer.

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Before the question of how pine honey is consumed, what is pine honey and what are the differences from other honey? first you need to talk about them. Flower honey produces honey bees from the nectar of flowers. Pine honey is a secretory honey formed by the beetle, which is called Basra beetle or pine cotton wool, by sucking the pine extract water and leaving it to the trees as a sweetish substance and then obtaining it by ripening it by honey bee. 

Pine honey is a kind of honey which has very different properties and has high vitamin and nutritional values. It provides great benefit in meeting daily nutritional needs and increasing body resistance. 100 grams of pine honey contains 288 calories. In response to the question of how to consume pine honey, we can use it for breakfast by spreading it on bread or by mixing it with warm water and consuming it. If we consume pine honey, it suppresses the feeling of hunger and provides relief of stomach disorders. 

Not only do you consume pine honey as food, you can also do eye care. 1 teaspoon of pine honey and 1 teaspoon of lukewarm water can be mixed into the top of the eye can be applied. 

Difference of Pine Honey from Other Honey 
We mentioned that pine honey is a secretion honey. Pine honey is also a natural pine smell, resinous, high mineral value and little bitterness is almost negligible, it is a honey that can be used by everyone from athletes to the elderly. Real honey crystallizes over time. This is faster than flower honey, while pine honey is quite slow and may not even freeze. In order to test the real honey, it is important that the viscosity is continuous. 

Benefits of Pine Honey
We can say that pine honey is a complete source of healing, especially for those with stomach problems and those who want to lose weight. It also provides faster healing of wounds, as well as remedy for itching. You can use pine honey to strengthen the hair follicles. Due to its acidic structure, pine honey contains glucose substance of fructose. 

Losses of Pine Honey
As with all bee products and honey, the use of pine honey in individuals under the age of 1 is very dangerous and is therefore not recommended. It causes poisoning in infants who do not develop digestive system. 

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How to Keep Royal Jelly Undoubtedly, one of the products of undisputed value among bee products is royal jelly. And since royal jelly is such a valuable product, is it the price for it? Storage is as important as this product itself. How is royal jelly stored ? In this article we will give you information. 

As royal jelly is a protein-containing product, it loses its effect at room temperature over time and deteriorates. So the royal jelly is storedWhile it is necessary to give great importance to corruption. When the royal jelly, which is a light cream color, is left under negative conditions, the milk color darkens. As a result of research carried out by Japanese scientists at room temperature royalaktin that causes the breakdown of royal jelly in the substance has been revealed. The secret of the larger and longer life of the queen is the substance called this royalaktin. For this reason , great importance should be given to the storage of royal jelly .

You can store frozen royal jelly intact for 18 months. Refrigerator shelf life is between 1.5-2 months. It is recommended to consume it by dividing it into containers and putting it back into the deep freeze. While royal jelly is recommended to be stored at -20 degrees, it can also be stored in a 4 degree refrigerator if mixed with other bee products. The royal jellyshould not be exposed to light during storage and should be consumed with a wooden or plastic spoon. 

Yes, in this article we tried to inform you about how royal jelly is stored . I hope we can be useful.

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 Coffee and honey are not consumed only as food in daily life. When coffee and honey are combined, they become very beneficial to the skin. Honey keeps the moisture content of the skin in balance and thanks to its rich content, it contributes to the nutrition of the skin, while coffee contributes to the removal of wrinkles by tightening the skin. Let's read how to make coffee honey mask at home : Essential Ingredients:

1 teaspoon of honey
1 teaspoon of coffee 

Coffee Honey Mask Preparation: The ingredients are mixed in a bowl until it reaches a dark and creamy consistency. The prepared mask is applied to the hands and face and massaged. Make sure that it does not come into contact with the eye when applying all over the face. Allow to dry for about 20 minutes. The face is then washed with warm water. Dry with a dry towel. Those with sensitive skin can apply this procedure once every 10 days, and those with normal skin once a week. 

Benefits of Coffee Honey MaskIt is very advantageous in terms of the fact that the materials are easy to find and small. Easily prepared by anyone at home. It can be used easily for those who are hesitant about what is in cosmetic products and is more economical than the products in the market. It can be used by those who are not allergic to bee products. With its regular use, positive results are seen in a short time. 

What is Bee Bread (Perga)? What are the Benefits of Bee Bread (Perga) for Human Health?
What is Bee Bread (Perga)?While the bees store the pollen they collect from the flowers in order to feed their offspring in their honeycomb eyes, the product they enrich with their own secretions and make them suitable for the consumption of the young bees is called bee bread or perga . Bee breador perge is more precious than a human health products on behalf of pollen. The reason is; pollen to add their own secretions. A kind of pollen is processed in the honeycomb eyes and waiting to become more mature. Bee bread

Although it is very beneficial in terms of health is not widely known yet. Bee bread is widely used among the bee products and is used for the treatment of anemia, pneumonia and bacterial infections. It is known as perga abroad and bee bread in Turkey. After the pupal period, the baby bees coming out of the honeycomb eyes are fed with bee bread for 5 days. 

Benefits of Bee Bread (Perga) for Human Health
Thanks to the high content of acetyl-choline in bee bread, it is effective in treating blood pressure and constipation. It contributes in terms of physical and mental development. It has the ability to destroy germs. Provides protection of gums. It contributes to reproductive hormones. 

Where to Buy Bee Bread (Perga)?Even though bee bread, which is a more difficult product to obtain than pollen and propolis, is not very common in the market due to lack of knowledge about storage and collection conditions. It is known that there is no clear information about the dose of use and that the use of its raw form is not recommended. A few years ago, the capsule of bee bread began to be produced. It is recommended to use bee capsule once a day in children, 2 in adults and 3-4 capsules per day in athletes. When it comes to the question of where the Perga capsule is sold ; Currently, only Erciyes University Technopark is located in pharmacies. 

As with other bee products, it is essential to consult a doctor before using perga. It is recommended that those who are allergic to bee products should never use it without a doctor's advice.

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To communicate, honey bees use buzz, such as movements and dances, to transmit information. 10 different sounds related to bees have been identified and some have been associated with specific activities. The most prominent feature is that it serves as a fan to cool the hives, ie to keep them at a certain temperature. In front of the hive you can see the bees flapping their wings, especially during the hot days and hours of the summer months. The bees do this in order to keep the temperature inside the hive in balance. They perform this flapping movement with 250 strokes per second. They do it so fast that it is reflected in the form of this buzzing sound. The bucket itself reinforces this sound. 

Bees also to inform each other; for example, they make a movement called bee dance to tell us where and in which direction there is a source of nectar and how much. During this time, a buzzing sound occurs. Another answer to the question of why the bees buzzes is that if they detect any danger in the hive, they accelerate their flapping and the buzzing sound begins to intensify. They perform a movement of 500 strokes per second. 

One recent theory was that the bees were used to make the sound of the breathing hole the same way a drummer would control his instrument with his lips. However, it was proved by the entomologists at the University of California that the bees' holes were closed. The bees were still buzzing after the holes were closed. As a result, the answer to the question of why the bees buzzes can be said to arise from the sound of bees as a result of accelerating flapping movements. 

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Why Bees Make Hexagonal Honeycomb?
In order to meet the basic nutritional needs of honey bees, we all know that the nectar they collect from nature is brought to their hives, replaced with their own secretions, transformed and transformed by their own nutritional needs and consumed by people. But perhaps some have thought that the shape and structure of the honeycomb eyes are hexagonal. Why do bees make hexagonal honeycomb? Here in this article you will learn about why this miraculous being knits hexagons. Why the bees knit a hexagonal honeycomb

When we look at the hexagonal shape when compared to other geometric shapes, according to the research done by mathematicians, the sum of the edge lengths is the shortest figure. In other words, the hexagon is the most suitable shape for the area of ​​use. Here we can see that bees are entities with mathematical intelligence. Bees making honeycomb hexagonthey produce the most honeycomb with the least amount of material and use their materials, wax more efficiently. Bees both prevent material waste and can store more honey in hexagonal form. At the same time, they build their honeycomb at an angle of 7-8 degrees to ensure that the honey stored in the honeycomb is not spilled. They make the angles and heights of each hexagon so masterful that they are all equal and equal. There is no space left in the combs woven with hexagonal cells. 

Again, the method used during honeycomb construction is quite surprising. They start to build honeycombs from two to three different places and weave them in two to three rows. Many bees meet at the middle point by knitting the combs at the same size from different points. Due to its hexagonal structure, the combs are highly resistant and have the capacity to carry a pound of honey. The architect of this masterpiece is honey bees. 

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First of all, you can do a comprehensive research on beekeeping and learn technical information by attending beekeeping courses . However, in order to better understand the technical details during the application phase, it will be useful to read the books on beekeeping. Beekeeping todayuseful programs are made on television. Following these programs and taking notes of the recommendations of experts will increase your knowledge. You can get information from people who are knowledgeable about bees in the place where you live with beekeeping. As in every job, this job will be inexperienced. However, as a recommendation, we recommend that people who do not have any knowledge should start with 2 hives and improve this work.

It is a busy activity especially in autumn and summer. In general, the business revolves around the bee year. You spend a long time outside and you should not be afraid of insects. The relationship between the bees and the beekeeper mutually continues. The products obtained by bees in summer are collected by beekeepers and in return enough stocks are left and fed in winter. One of the most important tasks of the beekeeper is to consciously combat the varroa mite. Bee rearing is not usual for a novice beekeeper. This work is generally carried out by large scale beekeepers. As a priority, growing healthy colonies is essential.

What is Crazy Honey? What are the benefits and side effects of crazy honey?Crazy honey is the name given to the type of honey produced by the bees' flowers from Ormangülü (Komar) plant. Deli honey is also known as Komar Honey . Like other honey, this honey is not an ordinary honey that can be consumed at random. It is commonly referred to as bal honeysucking için because it causes poisoning when consumed without measure. Let's talk about the benefits of crazy honey :

Especially in winter, people with colds and influenza infections will get up quickly if they use crazy honey. 
Those who have a dry cough are good for coughing when they consume some crazy honey. 

People with cholesterol will reduce cholesterol when they consume crazy honey according to their size
Crazy honey is good for those who have stomach problems. 
Regulates the nervous system when used in regular and measured doses under the supervision of a doctor
It has antioxidant properties. 

Warning for Crazy Honey: If it is not consumed under doctor control, it may become poison instead of healing. You must strictly observe this warning. 

Side Effects of Mad Honey and Poisoning Symptoms Crazy honey should not be consumed more than 1 teaspoon daily and it is important to consume it with the doctor. If consumed unconsciously, some of the following may be seen as signs of poisoning. 

Burning sensation in the throat
Redness of skin and eye 
Heart rhythm disorder
Sudden drop in blood pressure,
Diarrhea and vomiting
Dizziness or headache 
Loss of consciousness
Seeing hallucinations

The first sign of poisoning in the history of mad honey is known by the Greek soldiers who fought the Persians on the Black Sea coast after experiencing the symptoms of loss of consciousness and diarrhea.